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Update - 4th grade artwork was distributed last week as these students will be graduating to the MS. I will miss seeing you next year :(
For K-3 students I will be distributing your artwork I currently have when you return in the fall!  I still have 3/4 of your art show pieces as well as some unfinished work.
As for the placemats displayed in the local restaurants please feel free to grab those when they re-open!  If you have questions about the placemats don't hesitate to e-mail me.
NYAM Placemats.docx
(This is a link with a list of where to locate your son/daughter's placemat)!

Dear Friends!  If you would like to connect with me please drop me an email and I will try to respond by the next day.  If you would like to talk we can set up a Zoom meeting on line or please leave your contact number and I can call you!  My office hours are officially Monday,Wednesday, and Friday 8 a.m. - 12, but am available most days.  Please drop me a line at and we will make arrangements as to which form of technology is conducive for our needs. Thank you so much and please feel free to reach out, send images, or ask questions...let's communicate!

Hello fellow artists!  I miss seeing your smiling faces!!  I hope you are using this time off to be working on "creating"!  I have been painting on the mural that each of you helped Mr. Greco.  I will snap a picture and upload it soon so you can see the progress.  In the meantime I am going to add some fun art ideas you can do at home!!  You don't need the fancy supplies to  be creative!  Various materials that can be fun include; pencil, scrap paper, glue, scissors, wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, food coloring, old magazines, coffee filters, etc.

*Here is a super fun list of drawing ideas - check it out!

I will be adding more ideas here throughout the week.  I made a video this evening that should also be up shortly as well.  Thinking of you ALL!!
This is a fun "artsy" video on you tube for my CL aged kiddos as well -
(copy and paste this link)

**Daily Creativity - Good Morning!
In my paragraph above I mentioned you don't need fancy supplies to create or do art.  There are fun items around us everyday to utilize.  Take a look at my list of items and drop me an e-mail to show me what you made or ask questions.


Also, if you are not in the mode for a scavenger hunt for materials and would like to draw... here is some inspiration for "patterns".  This is just the beginning for a Zentangle lesson forthcoming so hang onto these sketches.  Ask Mom or Dad to google the term "Zentangle" with you.  Becareful... it's addictive :)
Pattern_Inspiration (1).pdf

You work on your Pattern Inspiration as I work on mine!  I will upload a picture when I'm finished.  If you send me yours I will upload it as well!

On another note... I've been adding to our painted mural you have been working on throughout the year.  It's your mural, but felt a "Hornet" was an appropriate addition.  

In case you complete your "Pattern Inspiration" lesson here are three really fun resources to check out!  Again - ask parents permission first when using the computer;

Resource/Link #1:
(this will be a nice review for my third and fourth graders)
Resource #3:
National Gallery of Art's Kids Zone
(copy and paste)

Kindergarten Artists
Create an illustration of your favorite creature (regular animal such as a pet or make believe using the primary or secondary colors. 

    pic     pic                                         

Kindergarten and First Grade Art


Week of April 13th:  Get a mirror or go stand in front of one with a pencil and paper.  Draw a “self-portrait”. Remember this is typically focusing on the face and it’s expression.  So your full body is not necessary. Are you happy, sad, tired or feeling something else? Try to remember all your facial features (eyes, eyelashes, pupils, eyebrows, nose, mouth, freckles, etc.)  If you have colored pencils, crayons, paints, or other supplies you can add color after sketching your self-portrait. If you enjoy this lesson you may certainly add to your idea and draw your entire family (family portrait)!


Week of April 20th:  Sketch what you see outside your window.  Remember “near” and “far” (or what we’ve called foreground and background in art class).  Objects closer to you should be sketched larger and objects farther away should be sketched on a smaller scale.  You may add color, but if so please remember duller colors belong in the background while bold/vibrant colors should be used in the foreground areas.  This can be accomplished by pressing harder with a crayon.  

Fun Reference to use if you wish to add ideas outside your window!
How to Draw Stick Animals.pdf

Week of April 27th:  Make your own brush!  Pretend you are going to paint a picture and forget your brush.  What can you use on the end of your handle (which can be a stick, a ruler, a wooden dowel).  It could be a cotton ball, feather(s), balloons not blown up, handful of dry weeds, frayed bark, and so on.  Your brush ends could be attached by tape, string, or rubber bands. Then - try and paint with your newly invented brush!  If you like you can do more than one brush to experiment with your painting. Which one do you like best and why?  


Week of May 4th:  Go outside and find objects in nature to create a collage.  (A collage is of French origin meaning “to paste or to glue”).  Try to make sure your base or what you attach items to is thick enough or durable in order to support your nature items.  The natural objects could be leaves, sticks, acorns, old ferns, pebbles, pine needles, etc. You can add as much or as little as you like.  If you have paint you could add color when the glue dries if you’d like also!


Week of May 11th:  Found Object Printing...Using vegetables, fruit, or found objects dip into small sections of poured paint and imprint onto plain paper.  For example if you have a potato, apple, or celery, cut it in half, dip into paint conservatively so as to not get blobs versus shapes and then press onto a new piece of blank paper. The colored prints are fun!  They can be overlapped and well as mixed and matched. Happy printing!


Week of May 18th:  Create noodle jewelry using varied macaroni; elbow, ziti, penne, rigatoni, and so forth.  You will also need elastic, string, or yarn. You can paint the noodles a couple different colors in order to thread or string them in a pattern formation.  Once you have enough painted you can now start your color pattern or noodle pattern if you have more than one type. You can string a necklace, a bracelet, or create your own set.  If you don’t have paint you can actually implement color using markers if need be. Don’t forget to double knot or ask your parents to help you tie so that all your hard work doesn’t fall off!  


Week of May 25th:  Select one of the three options below: 

Option #1:  Make a card for someone you love.  Include both words and an illustration.  

Option#2:  Draw how you feel when you are happy, sad, excited, or afraid.

Option #3:  Go back and do any one of the activities from the previous six weeks that you enjoyed the most and add your own personal touch.


**I hope you enjoy these art ideas!  I am excited to see what you create! Please don’t forget to sign your name to your work as artists are supposed to.  I MISS you so much and your smiling faces! YOU are AMAZING, you are budding ARTISTS and you thought of often!

Other prompts or ideas “to draw” if you complete the ideas above:

  1. Combine two animals to create a new one.

  2. Draw a dinosaur crying.

  3. Draw a lizard putting on lipstick.

  4. Draw an annoying orange.

  5. Draw a chicken skydiving.

  6. Draw your art teacher on a tropical island. 

  7. Draw yourself with a super power.

  8. Draw a garden of lollipops. 

  9. Draw a banana in pajamas.

  10. Draw a piece of fruit in outer space. 


Kindergarten and First Grade Artists -
 I took this photo recently and thought we'd have some fun with it!  Draw/color what you think the cat is intently watching or waiting for in that tree.  


This is what I thought he may be waiting for, but you may have other ideas; a bird, squirrel, chipmunk, an opossum, another cat, or even a flying dog?!


First Grade Artists: Watch my video and listen for art vocabulary

Week of April 6th:  Kindergarten and First Grade Artists:  
In lieu of Easter approaching I thought you'd enjoy some guided drawing using simple shapes to create a bunny.  Have fun!

 Second Grade Artists:  If you recall "Seurat the Dot"
Artist Georges Seurat who painted only with dots?
If you have markers of any type, q-tips with watercolor paints, or even your finger with palette style paints - create a "pointillism" painting.  Remember to sketch it first!  Then add your color with dots.  Keep your content or composition simple such as items you are familiar with such as your home, a car, a face, a basketball, a boat, a rainbow...


Second Grade Artists:  Let's Review Symmetry!

If you have any plain paper at home and paint (preferably tempera) fold your paper in half then open it and on one or both sides apply one or more colors of paint with a brush.  This will avert "blobs" which will likely crack and fall off.  Once it has dried you can cut it into the shape of an "insect" or creature.  Facial features can also be added by drawing if you choose.  


Week of April 6th:  Write down all the letters of the Alphabet A - Z (could be capital or lower case).  Bring this and a pencil with you for a little walk and see how many of these letters you can find in nature and cross them off your list!  Here are a couple of examples;
pic  pic  pic

Also... when you are finished here is one more creative idea! These are cue cards for more fun ideas and some have the letters of the alphabet you just located outside -
(you may share these ideas with friends via facetime, email, or zoom).  Happy Easter!

Week of April 13th:  Spring Insect…using paint and a fairly large plain paper create a symmetrical insect.  Add any color(s) of paint you choose (or have available) to one or both sides of the folded paper. This can be done with a brush or dripped on (not too much).  Refold the paper to create a painted/symmetrical design.  Once dried it can be cut out and scraps can serve as eyes, nose, legs, antennas, etc.

Week of April 20th:  Prehistoric Paints…We did cave art in class so let’s elaborate by collecting samples of mud, dirt, pieces of brick, rocks (look for lots of different colors). Use stones to grind up your samples into powder.  Mix oil (vegetable or baby oil will do) to your ground up samples to create your own paints.  Get your brush and start painting!

Just something fun IF you complete the assignment and would like more creative ideas!  Try me:
Who am I and who was the artist who painted this classic?!  Can you give one fact and one opinion (something you may like or dislike about me)?

Week of April 27th:  Artist Andy Warhol was famous for designing the Campbell’s soup label.  Design your own soup label, cereal box, or soda can label.  After sketching it with letters/logo begin implementing color.  You can use crayons, markers, colored pencils, and or paint (whatever may be readily available).  When developing your product consider what you could use that may persuade the consumer to buy your product!

Week of May 4th:  The two components that make a rainbow are sun and rain.  Create a rainbow with the correct colors in order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo [blue + purple], and violet).  As you color your rainbow try to keep colors the same width and then sketch what you’d like to see or wish for at the end of your rainbow (please be detailed).

Week of May 11th:  Draw a “family portrait”. It should include you, parents, siblings, and pets if you wish.  Background is preferred.  Perhaps include your house behind your family, a room where you spend most time, or even a portrait studio where you had your portrait taken!  If you have the resources add color.  This may be a nice gift for Mother’s Day!

Week of May 18th:  Create a sculpture from found objects.  They can be from inside or outside (please check with Mom/Dad first).  When gluing or building your “additive” sculpture consider how it looks from many angles – top, bottom, left, right.  T may appear pleasing from the front, but strange from the back.  If you have paint you could paint your sculpture when it’s assembled and dry.

Week of May 25th:  Choose 1 of the 3 options below: 

  1. Create a card for someone you know.If it’s for someone outside of your home hang onto it until you next see them.
  2. Offer to help Mom/Dad or guardian to do an extra chose around the house today!
  3. Go for a walk with paper/pencil and find something that interests you and sketch it (for example a blossoming flower, an intriguing cloud formation, a cute critter).

***I MISS YOU!  Please keep doing your art.  See you soon. J

Third Grade Artists: Pattern Inspiration mentioned above:  Are you almost ready to email me your samples of patterns?
Any size paper will do.  Pencils are fine, but if you choose to use markers, crayons, or paints that could be fun also.  Refer to pdf as a sample.  If you choose to do few or one or two larger ones by folding your page in half - that too will work great!  Have fun!





Third Graders... hold onto your pattern practices as they will come in handy soon enough.  In the meantime we covered various careers previously so I felt the need to be more specific; please peruse this handout and give some thought to any areas of interest.


Please jot down ideas in two or three sentences and or sketch an illustration of at least one area you could see yourself pursuing and why.

Week of April 6th - Third Grade Artists
Grab pencil and paper and give this a try!  It's so much fun and there are many more guided drawings on the same channel!

Week of April 13th:  Draw your dream house inside, outside, or both!  Try using perspective or dimension to your sketch.  Is it a house of the future?  Does it contain a movie theatre for you and your friends?  Does it have an attached garage for your sibling ha ha, is it your rainbow colored?  How many rooms does it contain?  If you have colored medium please implement color after sketching and outlining.

Week of April 20th:  Create a sculpture from popsicle sticks, straws, toothpicks, or even Q-tips (whatever is readily available).  Your sculpture should resemble some type of “structure”.  If you don’t have these items to construct sticks from outside will do nicely.  They can be glued together, but if you want more of a challenge assemble it using balance!

TRY ME!  "Fun when I'm done" resource:

Week of April 27th:  Find a picture of something simple; it can be a magazine picture, a photograph, or even a favorite cartoon character.  Now, turn it upside down and draw it.  Hint – remember breaking it into shapes makes it more manageable.  You will be surprised how realistic it will look.  

Week of May 4th:  Create your own homemade clay.  Using 2 cups of flour, ½ cup of salt, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, and ½ cup water (food coloring if desired) mix together.  This recipe can be modified to the consistency that works for you.  Once pliable you can roll out and use cookie cutters to create shapes or just mold the shapes you’d like. This could be a nice gift for Mom for Mother’s Day!   Bake at 350 until they are firm to the touch.  (Please do this with an adult). 
(Enrichment Activity)

Week of May 11th:  Create your own colors to paint - with parents boil one cup of vegetable matter and 2 cups of water for 15 minutes.  If available add alum, stir, and strain.  Red = beets, black = black oak bark or blackberries, blue = grapes, green = grass.  Try other forms of vegetation to see what other colors you can create and paint with them!

Week of May 18th:    Create a totem pole using Native American animals such as an eagle, deer, hawk, beaver, wolf, horse, and so on.  Beginning with paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls taped together this serves as the cylindrical base.  Sketch your animals on plain paper that will fit/attach to paper towel roll.  If you’d like color in your animals this should be done prior to final step of attaching.  If easier you can sketch directly to paper towel roll and cut and attach protruding pieces such as wings, beaks, tails, and so on.

Week of May 25thSelect 1 of the 3 options below:

1.  Create a card for someone you’ve been thinking about a lot during your time at home. (Be sure to include both words and an illustration).  2.  Offer to help Mom/Dad by doing an additional chore around the house today!  3. Go for a walk with paper/pencil and find something that interests you and sketch it (for example a blossoming flower, an intriguing cloud formation, a cute critter).

I MISS YOU!  Please keep doing your art.  I hope to see you soon!

Additional Drawing Prompt Ideas:  1. Combine two animals to create a new one.  2.  Draw a dinosaur crying.  3.  Draw a lizard putting on lipstick.  4. Draw a pop tart lifting weights. 5.  Draw a food eating another food.  6.  Draw a cheeseburger wearing a dress.  6.  Draw the strangest pair of glasses you can imagine.  7.  Draw a crayon crying.  8.  Draw an annoying orange.  9.  Combine two holidays to make one.  10.  Draw a can of soda pouring out rainbows.

Fourth Grade Artists:  Sketch someone you know first with your paper in standard orientation.  Then try it upside down.  I use a photo versus trying to draw someone from real life.  I find they can't sit still very long - hahaha.  This should be very detailed and incorporate shading, darks/lights, and did I already say lots of detail?!  If you are working diligently without shortcuts it "should" be time consuming.  There is a method called the "grid" if you wish to try another technique. Google it!  
This is a sketch of my son.  Notice I said sketch so all you need is a soft lead pencil or #2.  



Fourth Grade Artists: Please review this list of artists and choose just one to look up or google some bio information about him/her.  Please list the artist you chose, one of their most famous pieces of art, what type of artist they are (i.e. impressionist, abstract, realistic), etc and why you selected that particular artist.  No more than one paragraph please.  

This is a photograph of my favorite artist in the world; Georgia O'Keeffe.  She was a famous water colorist who found small items (primary nature) that she painted on a very large scale in order to get people to notice their beauty.  She spent the last few years of her life living alone in the desert doing her art and was commissioned by some of the most prominent companies to do work for them - Calvin Klein was one of the few.  Her enlarged abstract flowers were an inspiration to thousands!

Week of April 6th - Fourth Grade Artists
Llana Yahav
This lady is an AMAZING artist with an interesting medium.  After you watch the video try drawing a heart, a face, a tree, or just something simple (if you don't have sand you can go outside using gravel or a natural substance with a similar consistency as long as it is dry and doesn't contain lots of clumps).


 Look at this all my budding artists!!


Week of April 13th:  If you have access paper and it needn’t be white, compile, fold in half and staple so it resembles our sketchbooks we made at school or a book.  Decorate the front page as this will serve as your cover.  You now have your own sketchbook to use at home.  Go outside each day and try to take five minutes to sketch in it something that you see that interests you.  If you prefer to draw indoors I will include a drawing list on the bottom of this page that you can refer to.  It can be done with pencil and or color (your preference).

Week of April 20th:  Create your own color wheel.  First draw a circle (you could trace a plate) and then use a ruler to divide into six equal pie-shaped sections. Paint the three primary seconds first and be sure to leave a space in between each.  After the red, yellow, and blue are filled in paint the secondary colors between the primary in their correct locations (green is painted between the yellow and blue).  When you have finised youwill have six colors total.  Now give some thought to if you had six more sections do you know what colors they may be?  They are called tertiary colors and are a mix of a primary and second such as green/yellow, orange/yellow, red/orange, etc                                                          
             30 Ways to Say "Thank you" Through Art -

Week of April 27th:  Create a collage from magazines, pictures, and or photographs.  On a durable base of approximately 9 x 12” compile images of things that best describe yourself.  They may be words or pictures. Cut these out and arrange onto your background paper (base).  After attaching each word/image you can brush a coat of glue/water mixture over top.  This will provide a smoother and semi-glossy surface.  This should be a collage about you!

Week of May 4th:  Create your own dough for a sculpture.  Basic reciple; combine 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, and approximately 1 cup of water.  When the consistency is pliable you can roll it out and use cookie cutters to shape, poke a hole near the top, and bake until firm.  These can serve as ornaments or “Mother’s Day” plaques.  They can be painted and or decorated with accessories such as beads, glitter, whatever is available.  If you prefer form a sculpture from the dough be sure to place a thin stick or wire for stability to support your creation.  Lots of possibilities for a Mother’s Day gift!

(enrichment activity)

Week of May 11th:  Create a mask that contains symmetry.  It could be de designed that way via paint, colored, or simply cut/formed that way.  This symmetry should be identifiable.  The masks can be created from paper plates, thick paper, a large empty egg flat, or even rolled out from maleable clay to form fit your face.  Please don’t attempt to paint/decorate clay until it has dried thoroughly.  Air dry model magic clay from Wal-mart would work well.  Is it a fuctional or decorative mask? 

Week of May 17th:  Paint an “abstract” picture to sounds.  Any type of paint will work.  Go outside and listen to the different noise/sounds and think about the effects of thunder, applause, an echo, a sneeze, fireworks, buzzing mosquitos/flies, jet planes zooming and then begin to paint! Additionally, this can be done with music as well.  Turn on your favorite music and as you listen - begin to paint freely with no end result in mind.  You may be surprised by what you see!

Week of May 25th:  Select 1 of the 3 options below for this final assignment- 1.  Go outside and find various colored rocks and color with them (should be used on another rock or large flat surface)  2. Offer your help to Mom/Dad with something that needs done around the house.  3.  Draw, paint, or sculpt from one of these idea prompts;  a) Combine two animals to create a new one b) Draw a lizard putting on lipstick c) Draw yourself with a super power d) Draw a cheeseburger wearing a dress e) Draw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on vacation f) Draw a crayon breakdancing g) Draw the statue of Liberty eating pizza. h) Draw an annoying orange. i)Combine two holidays to make a new one j) Draw something gross.

“I MISS YOU!  Please continue doing your art.  I am so excited to see your smiling faces soon.”  


Virtual Art Gallery!!
Kudos to your Jacob on your patterning challenge!!  Great work and clearly you spent much time.



I love how you approached your pattern Jacob.  Kudos to Mom for allowing you to paint!  I enjoy your use of geometric shapes (adjacent triangles).  I like your color combination of two cools (blue and green) with one warm color (magenta), and how you cut them out and arranged them equidistant with one another.  And clever boy you incorporated a pattern within a pattern by organizing them by the green triangles vertical, horizontal, vertical, etc. from top to bottom.   
Let me encourage you to try the first link on my website -super fun drawing ideas and perhaps implement with your favorite style of "cartooning"!

Emery - "Thank you for continuing your art"!  She used a Clorox bottle to create this sculpture.  I love that she found an everyday item to transform into art!  Please tell me the process after rinsing your bottle.  It appears as though you painted and I see variegated shades of blue or (monochromatic).  Are your stars painted also?  Is it "functional" such as a container for your $ savings or perhaps Spring flowers you will be collecting soon?
Thank you so much for sharing Emery - please keep creating!

Emmett has been working on his own Pokemon characters!  The orange and black one here is called "Spike-a-Choo"
Not only does he illustrate his characters, but he writes about them as well.  Kudos to you Emmett for doing artwork and thank you for submitting/sharing.  So proud of you for continuing to do your art.  After all "Art makes you smart"!

Thank you Stephen for submitting this fun cartoon!  I laughed out loud when I opened your email.  The empty bar may be deceiving haha - it could very well be heavy.  The other gym rat doing pull-ups to the left must be ripped :) Was your idea from the list of prompts or from your imagination?  Please do another - humor is welcome and encouraged.
Thank you Alexis Hutcheson for your beautiful submission!

Thank you Levi for your creative art submission!
pic   pic
Grace Dilly - thank you for doing so much art and sharing it- your Zentangle rabbit very timely as well.

Ry Sporer thanks for finishing up what we started on Zoom!

Thank you Reese Charles for your art submission - that is an innovative puppy sculpture.  I appreciate you doing and sharing your art!!

Thank you Everett for your self-portrait!!
Artwork by Griffin and Grady - thank you so much!
Thank you Lorenzo for the Self-Portrait!!

Photo of the Day! - Supplemental for ALL ARTISTS
This lesson can apply to all grade levels K-4 and what I considered to be a "teachable" moment, however, we'll attempt it virtually.  While out walking and noticing the cloud formations, rock images, water, and trees... I saw what appeared to be "hugging trees"!  
Challenge:  weather permitting go outside for a walk and as you are observing your environment.  What do you see in nature that could appear as something else?
"The Hugging Trees"
Please ask your parents to borrow their phone and take at least one picture that "inspires" you and send it to me.  Depending upon the response I receive I would like to upload what you send me.  Let's take it a step further and express why you chose to take a picture of your subject/composition.  Please write a couple sentences as to why you like it or it inspired you to do so.  

For example;  "I thought these trees were unique because they were two trees morphed together and appeared as though they may have been hugging".  I think it would've been more beautiful if it were a different season with more life and greenery in and around them.


Welcome to the Elementary Art Department- Kindergarten through Fourth grade!  What a great place to learn about numerous artists, processes of art, various media, cross-curricular and multicultural content! 
Greetings from Sarah Wagaman - current art teacher grades K-4.  I teach K, K/1, and 1st at the Charlotte Lappla and grades 2,3, and 4 at the Don Gill Elementary.  I have 600 +/- students a week as well as teach High School WOLA art.  My qualifications consist of teaching pre-k through adult in art.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Art Education,  Master's in Education, and a Master's in Educational leadership K-12.  I love to create and the students are amazingly enthusiastic and energized coming to Art class!

If you need to reach me during the school day you can call me on Thursday mornings 8:30-9:10 at 570-724-1811 or email me anytime at
I not only enjoy teaching art, but love creating on my own.  You may be wandering  through the woods and see me hiking with my camera.  Running is another passion that has many benefits in aiding my creativity.
Please note the annual District Wide Art show is the first week in May and I'm always seeking for volunteers as we begin in January (no artistic skills required)! We also celebrate National Youth Art month in March.


If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year please feel free to drop me a line at


I would be glad to sit and talk with you or possibly recruit you for art show :)
Thank you!  
Mrs. Wagaman

Wagaman Lesson Plans Aug. 26 - 30, 2019.docx
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We are also working with an artist-in-residence in the near future to create a mural at the Don Gill.  This will be on going and all students grades 2 - 4 will have an active part in this creation!! Dates of visitation TBA
Art - Wagaman Lesson Plans Oct. 21 - 25, 2019.docx
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Please See Placemats at Local Restaurants!  Great Work Kids!



  ***Check this out!***

-10 Reasons to Support the Arts in 2017-2018



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