Pop- Up Challenges

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These are activities that you can do if you can not use your device for the day. Each activity is worth 1 dojo point. 

4/22- Paper Airplane
Look online to find instructions for a basic paper airplane, A frequent challenge in engineering is to do more with less. In this case, do you really need all the folds? Exactly how many folds do you need to make a working paper airplane? Now do it again, this time adding paper clips to your design. with paper clips, can you use fewer folds? What does this tell you about how paper airplanes fly?

Supplies and tools - pencil, scrap paper, 2 dice

Draw six squares with dots showing the six faces of a playing die. Now, next to each of these six squares, draw six smaller squares showing die faces. Now you can see all 36 possible combinations for rolling two dice (one-with-one, one- with - two, and so on).Count the number of combinations to roll each number from 2 through 12. These are the odds of rolling these numbers ( for example there are five different ways to roll a 6). Now roll 2 dice 10 times, keeping track of your rolls. Do the numbers you rolled match the odds of rolling those numbers? As the number of rolls increase does your data become closer to the odds?

Share your answers in an email, private Dojo message or Flipgrid https://flipgrid.com/palmer0467


Daily Pop- up Challenge

 Create a shopping list for the Easter Bunny. Make sure that everyone in your house gets a treat or gift. You have a budget of $200. Remember to included Baskets, basket filling and wrapping in your budget if you were planning on telling the bunny to use it. 

Bonus- use online resources to get real prices for each of the items on your list. How close were you to the budget?

Daily pop-up Challenge- 

Write a letter to someone. Tell them how you are. Ask them questions about themselves. Tell them about all of the fun adventures you have been having. 

Bonus - send the letter (via mail or picture message) 

Daily Pop up Challenge- 

Find a stick, a rock  and a leaf. Choose 4 other materials from your house. Build a structure that is at least 2 ft high and incorporates the stick, rock and leaf. Write about your structure. Why is it important? What is special about its design? Where would you build this in real life? Did a famous person visit your structure? Did something special happen here ? 

Bonus send me a picture of your structure so I can share them with the class.

Daily Pop up Challenge- 

Help cook something ( even if it's your sandwich you made for lunch). Focus on what "parts of a whole you are using" and write a food critique recommending (or not) to someone else. 

Bonus- make a brochure for the restaurant you would serve this at.  


Daily Challenge- 
Ask a question and collect data. Then create a graph to display your data. 

Bonus- Share your findings with me. Your report should include your question, Title of your graph, x and y axis labels and the data displayed on the graph. 

Example project- "What is your favorite thing to do at your house?  Watch TV, Read, Cook or play with Legos" To collect data you could call your grandma or great aunt sally. With your parent's permission you could make a video and ask them to put it on their facebook or instagram. Message your teacher the question you are asking on class Dojo. Ask your question in our class zoom meeting. If you really can't contact people to collect data, you may make up the findings to create the graph. 

Have fun , be creative :-) 

Daily Pop-Up challenge:

Fraction scavenger hunt. Find as many things as you can   around your house  that represent a fraction of a whole. Try to find at least four things with denominators of 4, 3, 6, 8, and 12.

Bonus- take a picture and send it to me of your "fraction museum"; make sure to label what items represent each fraction. ( 2 Dojo points)  

Double Bonus - Find fractions with denominators that are not listed. (4 Dojo Points) 

* example of something to include- a stick you found in your yard broken into 4 parts 4/4 ; left over pizza 1/8 of the pizza is left over. 


Daily Pop -up challenge
Read for 20 min. Do a retell of what you read. 
- Somebody wanted but so then finally
-Beginning, middle , end
-Who, what ,where, when, why , how 

Bonus- make an advertisement persuading others to read or not to read your story. Message me or post to flipgrid https://flipgrid.com/9d16c8e3

Daily Challenge- 
Create a menu or price list for a restaurant or store. write and solve 3 word problems that depend on this price list or menu. 

Bonus- share a picture of just the menu and word problems with me I can share them to our class page for other students to try. 

I have also added math review "assignments" ( these are not required) in coach digital.  Please contact me if you need help accessing them. 

Daily pop-up Challenge- 
Choose an animal that you can see in the aquarium cam or one of the zoo cams. Observe it, read about it ( hard copy book , e book or website)  and use the animal research graphic organizer to record your findings. 

Bonus - make a poster to persuade people visiting the zoo to check out your animal. 

Double Bonus- send me a picture of your poster so that I can save it and share it with the class.  

The webcams and graphic organizer can be found under the "extra practice" tab of my web page. 

Daily pop up challenge-

Create a new character and make a short writing about them. It can be a traditional story, comic strip or flip book. 

Bonus Share your story with the class on flipgrid. 
https://flipgrid.com/bda7b863  - username is firstnamelastinital

Double bonus - any time you use a number make it a math problem. Try to get as many hidden math problems as you can in your story. Example- instead of saying the character is 10 years old say the character is 5x2 years old. 

Daily pop-up challenge

Subtraction reaction speed -

Bonus- write your own and challenge the teacher. e-mail , dojo messsage or post to flipgrid your answer. https://flipgrid.com/73287698

3/25 -Daily pop-up Challenge-

Log 30 min of reading in epic. 
(on a laptop or computer Go to www.getepic.com/students
Log in with your class code-dqt1071
Select their name and they’re in!)

Bonus- share on flipgrid your favorite thing you read about today.


3/24 - Daily Pop-up Challenge

Create a math games to practice your multiplication facts. It can be a card game, board game, or just a games of words.

Bonus share your new game with our class on flipgrid so everyone can try to play.
your ID is your first name last 
 My Math Game
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