Student Spotlight!

This girl made her goal! 
From your Family - You're an amazing girl and bring a smile to my face everyday. Keep working hard! I love you so much and I'm proud I get to be your Mommy.
Miss Palmer- you go girl! Keep working hard! 
SD made her goal! 
From your Family- 
Keep up the great work S. We are so proud of you! Love you!
Miss Palmer- You go girl! You are awesome!

KL made her goal!!! 
From your Family-I am so proud of K. for all her hard work and dedication to continue learning! You are so smart and beautiful! We love you!
Miss Palmer- Keep working hard and keep smiling . 

ZA Met his goal on 4/17
From your Family-Awesome work Z.! We are so proud of how hard you are working despite all that's going on! Keep achieving your goals💗
Miss Palmer- Great job buddy! Now you can go outside and play! I can't wait to hear about all of your cool discoveries! 

JR made his goal on 4/17! 
From your Family-We are all extremely proud of you and that you made your goal this week! We all love you very much. Be happy in your accomplishments little buddy!
Miss Palmer- Good job J.! Now that you are finished working for the week I can't wait to hear all about your video game adventures!


GB made his 15 point goal on 4/17! 
From your Family- Way to go, G.! We are so proud of your determination & drive to keep up your schoolwork & learning. You have already taught us so much! ❤
Miss Palmer- All year you have had a wonderful drive for learning new things, never stop asking questions and looking for answers! 

KP made her goal of 15 points on  4/17! 
From your Family- K. keep up the good work with reading and learning new ways to do school!
Miss Palmer- Keep letting the books you read take you on adventures of a life time ! 
BJ made his goal of 15 points on 4/17!
From your Family -We are very proud of your hard work, and are enjoying spending all this time with you!
Miss Palmer- I love hearing all about your adventures! Keep exploring and discovering new things!
MA has made his 15 point goal on 4/17! 
From your Family -You are doing such an awesome job! We are super proud of you!
Miss Palmer- I love how much reading you are doing! Keep it up ! 
EK made his 15 point goal on 4/16 way to go! 
From your Family-You are doing a good job E.! Remember that we will always be here for you! Keep up the good work. We love you!
Miss Palmer-  I love your creativity, keep up the awesome inventing. 
EB met his 15 point goal on 4/16, way to go! 
From your Family-" You are doing a great job at home, keeping up with school and playing lots of basketball when it isn’t snowing!"
Miss Palmer- Keep working hard, hopefully basketball weather is on it's way! 
LT has met her 15 point goal on 4/16, way to go! 
Miss Palmer says " You go girl, Keep it up! " 
LS has earned his 15 points and place in student spotlight on 4/16! I'm so proud of you.
From your family -We are just so proud of you and the work you are doing and the extra work you put in on your own. We love you to infinity and back.
Miss Palmer- YOU ROCK. Keep up the hard work! 
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