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**Since we are now full-time online learning, I will be listing the activities for the week on this site below. MP4 Grades will be posted on final report cards as PASS/FAIL based on participation. Please check this site frequently, as this will be the main site used for communicating weekly work. Tell your student to try his/her best, but do not get frustrated and give their best effort.**


I will have office hours Monday to Friday from 11-1.  Email is best and I will get back to you ASAP. You may also email questions at any time and I will get back with you in a timely manner.

My email is


Once Weekly, beginning April 14th-17th, I would like you to email me a list of what your child has done for that week. Please include everything (even Recommended Enrichment Activities at the bottom of this page) as I will count those as extra credit. Don't worry about correctness, just the fact that they put an effort into the work and tried their best.

**If you need your CLEVER login, please email me and I'll get it to you**


May 18th - May 22nd


Students should do iReady computer lessons on Tuesday and Thursday for 20-30 min. each sitting.

On two of the other days (Mon,. Wed., Fri.), they can do Study Island Math and do Game Mode.

***You may take one day off from this as long as you do 2 total Study Island sessions for the week in Math. Go outside and play for at least 30 min.***


 On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, please select one story per day from Readworks (3 total
for the week), out of the 5 stories I have assigned. If you want to do all 5, go for it, but I only
need you to do any 3 for the week.

On Tuesday and Thursday, read anything you like for 15 - 20 min. Write down what you read and how
much/how long. Don't worry if books are below level or a little above. Read with a family member and on your own. (Vocabulary, Comprehension). Keep a log of any book read.
You may test on CLEVER for AR credit.

**EVERY DAY!!!***

- Continue to watch daily and keep a journal of the info that you feel is important. You may draw a picture to go with it as well. This is an important topic in today's crazy world!(Writing, grammar, vocabulary, science, world history, geography, spelling, current events)


If you feel your child "just needs more," or is wanting to exceed the weekly assignments, take a look at these extra activities:

Additional Reading work:

Go to and enter class code BR5JBX.  Find your name and click on it. Make sure you have chosen YOUR name. Now, enter your password. Your password is 1234.

There are stories with vocabulary, multiple choice questions, and questions where you may have to type an answer. Please listen to the story on audio first. Then, go back and reread with an adult or on your own. Do the questions. I will be able to see your answers, so work like I would be grading them in class...even though I'm not.  Take your time and focus on the questions and your answers. Narrow answers down to the best 2 choices and pick one. I'll add new stories periodically. Try this 1-2 times a week if you can.

Additional Math work:  ***Really good and highly recommended!!!***

use this site

Do a page or 2 a day from ANY of the categories (Reteach, Practice, Challenge, Problem Solving) Make sure you are on a 3rd grade level. Work through the topics in order, starting from the first Chapter.  Focus on addition and subtraction of 2, 3, and 4 - digit numbers. Practice Times Tables to 12. Adding and subtracting money and telling time to the minute is also important. You may work through the topics at a pace comfortable to you and your child. The Reteach is a great daily lesson starter where the activity is introduced and practiced. Do this together with your child, then go on to the Lesson Practice. The Challenge and Problem Solving are additional and can be practiced as seen fit.

I would always do the RETEACH page together with an adult, then do the PRACTICE page of the same lesson on your own. Adults - on longer assignments, I'd have kids do the odds only or evens only, but not both. Check your child's work and go over errors when you are able. You may do the Challenge or Problem Solving as you wish as additional practice.

An additional site that is good is   You can look up the types of problems that you want to do and print out the sheets. Kids liked doing these in class and we did some for homework at times.

Study Island and iReady Math:

Students should get on these sites at least twice a week and practice from the various lessons. Students should also try to do iReady computer lessons for 30-40 min. a week if able.
If you need your CLEVER login, please email me and I'll get it to you.

AR - read on a regular basis. 

*** The more you practice, the better you'll get, and it will be somewhat like being in school. However, nothing will ever take the place of us being all together in the classroom. I miss you all very much! If you have any questions, please email me at*** 

Mr. C

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