Spring 2020 Extended Time Off Activities

Office Hours - As always, communication between parents, students, and teachers is essential.  Though our "classroom" has been adjusted, my commitment to being there for your child and you has not.  Please feel free to reach out M-F from 10-10:40 AM if you need assistance from me.  I will continue to respond and assist outside of those times as I am available.  Please do not hesitate to email or send a message through Remind, and I will do my best to provide a speedy response. 

Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by!  Below you will find announcements and activities.  Be sure to check out Mr. Hildebrand's page, Mrs. Mosher's page, and the Specials Teachers' pages for other exciting activities in science, social studies, math, technology, and the arts.

6/1/20 Monday - 6/4/20 Thursday
p. 45 #1-2
p. 46 #3-4
p. 47 #5
p. 47 Learning Target
OPTIONAL - Farmer Boy Chapters 25-29

5/26/20 Tuesday - 5/29/20 Friday
p. 40 #1-2
p. 41 #3
p. 41 #4
p. 42-44
OPTIONAL - Farmer Boy Chapters 21-24

5/18/20 Monday - 5/22/20 Friday
Correction Day
p. 36
p. 37
p. 39
- Farmer Boy Chapters 17-20

5/11/20 Monday - 5/15/20 Friday
p. 32
p. 33
p. 34
p. 35 #1
p. 35 #2
OPTIONAL - Farmer Boy Chapters 13-16

5/4/20 Monday - 5/8/20 Friday
p. 26 #3-4
p. 27 #5
p. 27 Learning Target
p. 30 Using a Dictionary or Glossary
p. 31 #1-4
OPTIONAL - Farmer Boy Chapters 9-12

4/27/20 Monday - 5/1/20 Friday
p. 20-21 #4
p. 22
p. 23
p. 24
p. 25 #1-2
OPTIONAL - Farmer Boy Chapters 5-8 Activity

4/20/20 Monday - 4/24/20 Friday
Context Clues Video

p. 17 Read, circle, #1-5
p. 18 #1-4
p. 19 Read, circle, underline
p. 20 #1-2
Farmer Boy chapters 5-8

4/14/20 Tuesday - 4/17/20 Thursday
Good Morning!  Here are this week's ELA assignments.  Be sure to be logged in to Google Classroom through Clever and click Classwork.  Students can complete the activity in Google Classroom and share it back to me with the Yellow Share button.  You may also choose to print the assignment and send me a picture of the completed work.


p. 11 Read, circle,


p. 12 #1-4



p. 13 Read, circle, underline


p. 14

  • Do your best.
  • Do not spend more than 30 minutes on ELA.
  • If you are stuck, ask for help, or take a break and try again later.
  • If you are still stuck, move on to the next activity tomorrow.
  • Do to the directions what you are being asked to do in the answer (circle, underline).
  • Remember to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation as you work.
  • Proofread and fix your work (always try to find at least 3 corrections).
  • Set a goal of 3-5 (or more) sentences for open-ended answers.
  • Remember I am PROUD of you ALWAYS!

4/9/20 Thursday
*Complete the Google Classroom assignment for Homonyms. Instructions will be posted with the assignment.  You will need to log in to Clever to access Brain Pop and Google Classroom.

4/8/20 Wednesday
*Visit the links to listen to a rap and watch a video about sensory details. Send me 5 (or more) sentences about something you have been doing at home. Please use sensory details and remember to proofread.
**DISCLAIMER: Miss Farrer does not support the use of the word ain't that you will hear in the rap. :-)

Sensory Details Rap

Sensory Details Video

4/7/20 Tuesday
*Be sure to finish Farmer Boy chapters 1-4 (including questions 1-12). 

*Today's a great day for gym! I'd love a Google Doc with 5 or more sentences describing what you did. Can you include sensory details?

*Visit my Google Classroom Stream for links to two videos to help with sensory details.

4/6/20 Monday-4/9/20 Thursday

*ELA-Farmer Boy Chapters 1-4 Activity
You can write your answers on notebook paper and send me a picture of it.  
You can type your answers in a Word document and email it to me as an attachment.
You can complete your answers in Google Docs and share with me.
Please remember to rephrase the question, check your spelling, capitals, and punctuation.
Proofread and fix at least 3 mistakes before sending.
Go to my page on Clever if you need to listen to a part of the story again.

*Remember to check Mrs. Mosher's Google Classroom for math activities on her Stream.

*Remember to check Mr. Hildebrand's Google Classroom for science and social studies activities.

*Remember to check your specials teachers' websites for activities from them. 

4/3/20 Friday
*Check to see if there are any assignments that you did not complete (Book Flix, True Flix, Brain Pop Compare & Contrast, Little House in the Big Woods, Farmer Boy, Google Docs pen pal letter, Draw Conclusions).

*ELA-Farmer Boy Chapter 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_my7uq4PJrc&disable_polymer=true

*Math-Visit Mrs. Mosher's Google Classroom to finish the multiplication/division and lines and angles activities.

*Science/Social Studies-Visit Mr. Hildebrand's Google Classroom for his activities.

4/2/20 Thursday
*ELA-Farmer Boy Chapter 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs9kT6K2VV8

*Math-Visit Mrs. Mosher's Google Classroom for multiplication activities.

*Science/Social Studies-Visit Mr. Hildebrand's Google Classroom to finish the U.S. lakes activity and to try today's properties of matter activity.

4/1/20 Wednesday
*Look outside! It's raining marshmallows! April Fools! Can you comment to share an April Fools' Day joke?

Visit Book Flix through Power Kids on your Clever page.
Click Family and Community.
Click Children Make Terrible Pets.
Watch the story.
Read the book.
Play Word Match.
Play Fact or Fiction?
Play Which Came First?
Explore the Web for related information.
Meet the Creators to read about the author.

*Math-Visit Mrs. Mosher's Google Classroom for a Lines & Angles activity.

*Science-Visit Mr. Hildebrand's Google Classroom to answer what role erosion played in the forming of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon?

*Social Studies-Visit Mr. Hildebrand's Google Classroom to learn about the top 5 biggest U.S. lakes.

3/31/20 Tuesday
*ELA-Do you know how many states are in the United States?  Visit Trueflix through Clever to watch a video and read about a state of your choice.  You will need to be logged into Clever.  Click Power Kids.  Click Go under True Flix.  Click My United States.  Choose a state.  Will you learn about a state you have already visited or one you would like to visit?  Send me a comment, Google Doc, or a picture about something interesting you learned that you did not know before.  For example, maybe you learned about a few things a state is known for.  Make a colorful poster to show me.  You might need to ask someone for help to take a picture that you can paste or insert as a comment or in your Google Doc.  I can't wait to see what you come up with and to learn from you!

*Math-Check Mrs. Mosher's Google Classroom for Matching Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions  https://youtu.be/KTs2Fxi8du0

*Science-Visit Mr. Hildebrand's Google Classroom to explain how the ping pong ball stays above the hair dryer. Explain the 2 forces acting on the ball.

3/30/20 Monday
*Farmer Boy Chapter 2

*After you listen to Farmer Boy Chapter 2, you can send Miss Farrer a Google Doc comparing and contrasting Farmer Boy and Little House in the Big Woods.  Are the characters the same or different?  What about the setting?  Which book do you like better so far?

*Music-Mrs. Cary's 4th Grade Activities

*Social Studies-Visit Mr. Hildebrand's Google Classroom to answer:
What are the five geographic regions of the United States? How many states are in each region?

*Science-Visit Mr. Hildebrand's Google Classroom to answer:
What traits do you have that you got from a parent? List some traits you got from a parent grandparent.

*Math-Create a Polygon Story. Visit Mrs. Mosher's Google Classroom for details. Can you name all four of the polygons in the video?

3/27/20 Friday
*Did you enjoy Little House in the Big Woods?  Let's start the second book in the Little House series!  Farmer Boy Chapter 1.

*Who wants to listen to our favorite song?!?! Draw Conclusions

*Egg Hunt Multiplication - See Mrs. Mosher's Google Classroom.

Green Science
Blue Science
Yellow Science

3/26/20 Thursday
Little House in the Big Woods Chapter 13

*Brain Pop Compare & Contrast

*Join Miss Farrer's Google Classroom with classroom code gg3i6v3.

*STEM and measurement with Jelly Beans

DISCLAIMER: Be careful with the toothpicks and Mrs. Mosher's apologies that you have to watch the beginning of the video with your head sideways!

Materials you need:
Jelly beans/mini marshmallows
Weighted object

Jelly Bean STEM

*School Closure Info for Music (read this first): https://dges.wellsborosd.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=317021&pageId=93079372

4th Grade Music Activities: https://dges.wellsborosd.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=317021&pageId=976673

3/25/20 Wednesday
*With sincere apologies, AR quizzing from home will be suspended at this time.

*Please check my Spring 2020 page daily for announcements/activities. Today's highlights: Google Docs directions, LHITBW Ch. 12, Math, & Sci.

*Here are directions for creating and sharing a Google Doc

*Little House in the Big Woods Chapter 12

*Miss Farrer's Clever Page

*Here's the first Math activity brought to you by the Moshers...(Intro video and then the real thing. Sorry, I'll get better at this!)

Materials you need:
Paper and Pencil
Dominoes (optional)
White boards and markers (optional)


Coming up tomorrow...Jelly Bean Stem Activity!

*All Science links for past days can be found at https://dges.wellsborosd.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=317021&pageId=966638

*Science: www.generationgenius.com/?share=18F5DWater Cycle Video

*Animal Structure Kahoot: https://kahoot.it/challenge/0171989?challenge-id=cf6f543c-ec60-4139-b131-d12cefc5694e_1585139855903

*Water Cycle Kahoot challenge

3/24/20 Tuesday
*Remember - if you need your Clever badge or login information, just contact one of your teachers.

*You're invited to join Mrs. Mosher's Google Classroom! Enter through Clever using your wordtotheboro email and the code below.


*Science: Please try this link to play at home. https://kahoot.it/challenge/0192537?challenge-id=78688b57-4929-4dde-a147-3bb75dd975e4_1585072576022

*Breaking News! AR quizzes can be taken from home (optional)!  Visit the link if you'd like to log in and quiz. https://hosted260.renlearn.com/25566/ SUSPENDED 3/25/20

*Here's a challenge! Create your own AR quiz & share it with me. Will you find the same questions you created when you're in school quizzing?

*Are you reading anything interesting? I have been doing some reading myself. Feel free to send me a note about what you're reading.

*Little House Chapter 11 has been added to Clever. Thank you to everyone that has sent me a pen pal letter! I love hearing from you!

*Science: Please make sure to check your Google classroom accessed through CLEVER for an update on our trout from Mr. Hildebrand.

*Science- A new Gen. Genius Video has been added to Clever. Also access here: www.generationgenius.com/?share=2D2F5. Past videos are also still up.

3/23/20 Monday
*Good morning, here is a link to a Science video of on the earth's rotation. www.generationgenius.com/?share=F6A05
Look for a Kahoot quiz to follow.

*It looks like the assessments and activities can be found at the bottom of the video link.

*Here is a quiz for after the video today.  Earths-Orbit-&-Rotation-Worksheet-GG.pdf

*Hello! If you are able to log in to your Clever account, Miss Farrer would love to hear from you! Create and share a Google doc with me!

*You can journal about your time away from school, create an interesting story, or send me a friendly letter, and we can be virtual pen pals!

*Chapters 1-10 of Little House in the Big Woods are also available on my Clever page. Tomorrow, I’ll be sending an AR idea, so stay tuned!

*Candy orders will hopefully be available on April 1. Info will be sent via call by the end of week. Questions? springcandysale@gmail.com Alison Hebe Kibler

*Visit Mrs. Cary’s page for Music updates and resources. https://dges.wellsborosd.org/teachers/special_area_teachers/mrs__cary_-_music/school_closure_2020_info

*On Tuesday Mr Hildebrand will post a link at 1:30 to join the Kahoot on the Earth's rotation video if you would like to play. Game will start at 1:40.

3/20/20 Friday
*Good morning Miss Farrer’s HR! Since we’d normally have Library at 10, click to listen to the last chapter we read:

*Please continue to check CLEVER and teacher websites for updated links and resources to activities.

*Students who’d like to start the read aloud Miss Farrer’s class is reading from the beginning can use this link:

*Check Clever for Science videos from Generation Genius, Discovery Ed and Scholastic News from home- Password: Hildebrand1

*Get the wiggles out at home. Free Go Noodle App  gonoodle_parent_invite_179_en.original_1584127480.pdf

3/19/20 Thursday
*Letter to Parents & Students:


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